Strategy: Business Promotion in Denmark 2020-2023

Companies must have the best conditions to develop their business, no matter where in Denmark they are situated. This calls for a strong and active business promotion, which addresses and promotes the various potentials and strengths across all parts of the country.
This requires a strong cooperation both on local, regional and national level on the areas of green and digital business development and tourism, both in the cities and in the country.

With the strategy Business Promotion in Denmark 2020-2023 and the agreement with the Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Simon Kollerup, about the strategy, the Danish Board of Business Development has charted a joint course for the initiatives of the next few years.
The initiatives especially focus on small and medium-sized enterprises which need to be strengthened in their green and digital development as well as their access to qualified labour.
The strategy paper and the agreement also strengthen entrepreneurship and increase the promotion of innovation and internationalisation in Danish companies.
The strategy also identifies the economic strongholds and emerging industries in Denmark, which are the main focus of the cluster initiatives of the future. 

The strategy has been written in close cooperation with the local, regional and national operators. Everybody has contributed with important knowledge and helped to define the direction for the business promotion and tourism of the future.
The Danish Board of Business Development wants to be measured on their ability to produce value for the companies. Danish companies must meet an efficient and cohesive system for business promotion, which focusses on their needs and is readily available for all companies in all parts of the country. 

Business Promotion in Denmark 2020-2023

Read the strategy paper about the business promotion (in Danish)

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