Danish Board of Business Development

The establishment of the Danish Board of Business Development as of January 2019 is an initiative of the Danish government to unite the various efforts within the business promotion.

A decentralised effort for business growth and development will ensure a more focused effort, e.g. by concentrating on the needs of the enterprises and the regional differences in order to increase business growth and development in all of Denmark. The Board has the task of ensuring that the decentralised business initiatives are coherent across different sectors - state and municipalities.

The establishment of the Danish Board of Business Development is part of an effort to simplify the services available for business. This simplification focuses on four main areas:

  • High quality and availability in the business service provided. Business Development Centres have been established across municipalities along with a digital platform for the promotion of trade.
  • One coherent decentralised business promotion. The Board takes over the responsibility from the Regional Growth fora, and the efforts regarding clusters are strengthened.
  • Simplification of the business promotion on state level. The initiatives in the area of knowledge-based entrepreneurship are strengthened.
  • Stronger tourist destinations and better coherence within the efforts of tourism.

The Danish Board of Business Development will contribute to making Denmark one of the most competitive countries in the world. All parts of the country must be prepared for global competition.

The Board will hold meetings approx. six times a year and will have a secretariat in the Danish Business Authority.

The establishment and remedies of the Danish Board of Business Development appears from the Danish ”Business Promotion Act”, passed on December 13th, 2018.

Further information

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You can contact the secretariat of the Danish Board of Business Development here: