Cross-border Co-operations

It is very important to Danish economy, that border regions, to the extent possible, function as a coherent business, labour and educational system. This results in access to markets, labour and knowledge, which can help strengthen businesses development and growth.  

Well-functioning border regions are not given. On the contrary, there are often technical, linguistic and cultural barriers, that hinder cross-border cooperation and development. It therefore requires continuing efforts at many levels to ensure well-functioning border regions. 
The Danish Board of Business Development acknowledges the need for well-functioning border regions on a political level and the demand for specific projects and initiatives, that can strengthen cooperation between companies and knowledge institutions and support a well-functioning labour market.  
Our focus is to support projects, that contribute to creating growth and development for border region companies within the four strategic focus areas mentioned below.

Fotograf: Stig-Åke Jönsson/Øresundsbron

Strategic focus areas

The Danish Board of Business Development will support:

  • Coherent cross-border labour market
  • Educational co-operation
  • Research and Development
  • The Fehmarn Belt road connection

The Danish Board of Business Development prioritizes to fund and support activities, that reinforce the potentials of a strong cross-border cooperation, benefitting companies. It can, for example, be collaboration based on coherent industrial areas, knowledge environments or common challenges, including a lack of qualified labour. The initiatives can complement or build on already established business-oriented cross-border co-operations. 
The Board can, among other things, support initiatives in the context of the business-oriented parts of the EU’s Interreg programs, which must comply with the strategy Business Promotion in Denmark 2020-2023.  
Our work and possible funding of activities covering cross-border co-operations is coordinated with partners, who already have business development activities, and with projects, that cover elements of business development activities in the border regions. 

Business Promotion in Denmark 2020-2023

Read the strategy paper about the business promotion (in Danish).

Read the strategy in Danish (pdf)


You can contact the secretariat of the Danish Board of Business Development here, if you would like to hear more about cross-border co-operations. 

Niels Bjerring Hansen
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +45 3529 1753